No Smoking Day

Ma Room

Guess I'm in this room now :D Did ask Viking to paint it to a colour of his liking but he hasn't so I guess I'll be doing and cream it is!

Just finished my pilates dvd and was hoping to do a yoga dvd tonight but I only have the yoga boxing on dvd...all my other yoga stuff is on vhs :eek: Can't be arsed getting the vcr out tho and setting it up so sod it. Yoga boxing it will be later on then. I'm kinda hoping this is going to mellow me a bit...

My cardio workouts are great too...the harder the better imo. I like to feel some pain when working out 'cos then you know you're really working it. Oh and weights. I like doing those too.

Anyone else into this keeping fit lark? If so, what do you do? I love the feel good factor of it. I love to dance too so I need some dancing workouts! *can't dance for shit*

Well I'm just rambling now I guess...feeling kinda chilled after that pilate session. Dunno how long it will last!

Hope you're all doing great :)

Oh, and I ain't seen too many of me team mates for ages :eek: Just myself, Marion and Annette around at the mo it seems.

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Hi Maddy,

I'm back on the yoga (just! - it's so easy to leave off!) and it's always great.

Pulls me into a deep focus on the present moment.

I can't be doing with vids...have to keep looking at the lady...anf they ARE all women, and lots are celebs looking glam and looking for some cash!

I'm 57 and male (nearly wrote 'mole'!!!) f'r goodness sake!

I just do a prog out of a book.

racketball nearly every night as well (which is easy cos it's all right here).

All of whic, in a longwinded way, leads me to reccommend exercise as a great supplement to whatever method you are using to get the horrible habit out of your system (for anyone else reading this,, Mad, as I'm sure we would agree about that!)


Keep away from those things FOREVER


aww crap, i go away for easter, and you paint the room again Maddy... lol... I'm painting the month 2 room before you get there, hahahaha...


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