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No Smoking Day
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Month 2

Just over 20 hours into my second month:)

Past few days have been hell though, the dogs played me up yesterday out on a walk, had to throw my trainers in the bin as one of my little angels decided to swan off over the fields instead of sticking to the path and I had to go and get her. Needless to say I was knee deep in mud and nearly broke my ankle in the horse hoof grooves. The other 3 were little devils too, I rang OH and said I'm going to buy some cigs on the way home.:eek:

I didn't, and he rang when I got home and asked what I was doing, I said "eating a bag of crisps and buggering off to bed".:D I've been so stressed these last couple of days, I sooooooooooooooo want a cig I could kill for one. I'm trying to get some houswork done today to keep my mind off them, just lolled around the past few days feeling sorry for myself.

Wish I could wipe my mind clean like you do with a hard drive and start again with no thoughts of cigs in there to tempt me.

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:D The only time I've ridden a horse was on holiday in the Dominican Republic, it was the littlest horse and it kept biting me, my sun lotion must of tasted good. Then it took off a breakneck speed and left the big guys behind. Needless to say I s---t myself and never rode again. We have lots of open areas around, some the horse aren't supposed to ride on but do. I do love horses though (except for THAT one).:)

I have what everyone calls "The Twins" after the tv advert. Two Irish Setters (9 and 12 years old), One English Setter (9 years old) and a Sheltie (10 years old). The Sheltie isn't mine, she belongs to a elderly lady, I've walked her, taken her the vets and groomers for nearly 3 years now (the lady is 90 years old). Unfortunately she's been in hospital for over 2 months and we've had Lindy here with us, things aren't looking too good at the moment and it breaks my heart how much she must be missing her best friend Lindy.

I got stuck into the cleaning and only gave cigs a thought after my supper, could of eaten one for afters.


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