No Smoking Day

Morning All

Morning All,

Happy Easter To everyone. dont eat all the eggs. [joking]

well went out with my family last night as a non smoker. and came home a

non smoker. good night. some was going out for a smoke. and you know

what... i did not worry or was nervous about not smoking. in fact i was

really feeling good. few said they did'nt think i could do it. now they are

giving me help. everyone know giving up smoking can be hard for some.

and easy for other. that dont mean anything. what does is WILL-POWER...

And the WANT-TO-GIVE-UP..? if you have those two. then you will do it..

and dont forget we are here to help you. because we are all doing the same

giving-up.... so keep going. it will get better. craving will go...

best of luck to you all..... :) HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE :)


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A very good morning to you Alan.

Good to hear everything went well last night.

My thoughts on smoking are getting weaker by the day.

I am doing "A day in the life of my Grandson " today so I will be busy with the camcorder.

We are going to an adventure park this afternoon.

Happy Easter

Barb x


Hi Alan

Happy Easter to you. Im finding the non smoking easier and easier, been out the pub a couple of times and its not been too bad.

I went shopping yesterday and I noticed quite badly how strong the smell of smoke was as soon as you came out the shops. Just to think I used to be that person that came out of a shop and lit up straight away.

GRRRRR I never want to be addicted again.

Have a great easter, if ya get sick of the chocolate make crispie cakes with it lols or even better send it to me ;) :D


Thats wonderful Barb, have a fantastic day.


Ahhh you'll have a wonderful day Barb. I've got lunch at my mums with the kids then they are off to their dads..... so its the pub for me lol and then bowling tomorrow!

I love bank holidays.

Have a good one everyone :cool:


Thanks Bobby. You to have a good one.

Hey Batwoman a day off from cooking and from the kids.:D Wonderful.

I love Bowling so have a roll for me and look at the pins as fags and then smash them with your balls.:D

Barb x


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