No Smoking Day

Day 4 nearly done, who said it gets easier??

OOPS posted this thread in day 1, posting again in day 4 - 7

Got to say folks just writing this, and having to move it around has kept my mind completely off smoking and i am refocused ready for day5.

Day 4

What a weird old day.

was rudely awoken at 710am by currys delivering a washing machine, 30 mins later absolutely gasping for a fag, they fit the machine take the old one and leave by 8am. still want a fag. go back to bed to take my mind off it. wake up again at 10am.

10am, all fine, don't want to smoke. please i have passed day 3, expect it all to be easier, having the occasional pang. it is easier though all morning, go to the gym at 3, work hard, back home by 5pm.

6pm, start thinking about having a smoke. Eat something, take a bath. 7:30pm want a smoke. keep myself busy go to tesco, buy some olives for something to munch, see the poor b@stards at the cigarette counter, know i will not do that, know i would be a failure if i joined that queue, know that little b@stard that keeps calling me will win if i step to that counter, i actually start feeling sorry for the people in the queue, not even tempted to go there (surprisingly).

All evening craving, hating it, despising it, read lots of posts on this site, read smokewrom again, read any material on non smoking i can. No help - the evil mother foooker won't let me go.

gets to 1030. my closest shop is closed, i would have to drive or walk very far to get some smokes. realise i can;t smoke tonight unless i go weel out of my way. suddenly, all cravings stopped.

morning ok, evening bad, now i'm ok.

hope a better day tomorrow.

good luck to all around day 4, day 5 for me tomorrow...

realise there is no magic day, every day is a struggle got to stay strong and on guard constantly.

i am counting every hour of every day, can't wait till i am free.

i want to be free, i will be free.

no retreat, no surreder.

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Yes Mojo you are right - your wise words are correct, thanks!!

it is now 110am

I have NOT craved since i realised i could not get to the source. We'll see how i feel tomorrow. if I crave, i know it is because i can very easily get some smokes, maybe not the nicotine talking to me, maybe my brain.

foookiing weird.

the brain is a complex powerful machine, it is my mind and i still I personally cannot control it, scary.

keep you informed tomorrow, but for sure it is VERY wierd how when i realised i could not get any cigarettes the cravings disappeared and have not come back in any form whatsoever since 1030pm.


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