No Smoking Day
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afternoon everyone

Hello to everyone,

hope your weekend going well. well done Batwoman for last night with your

friends. its be my turn tonight. going out with family. some do smoke. but i

have not wanted to smoke, got no craving. see its dose get better as the

days go on, well done to us all.

got to get ready now. will let you all know how it went tomorrow.

have a very good evening everyone. :)


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good luck tonight alan


still missing it on day 11

hi all map here!

day 11 for me. i still really miss the smoking.

i worked today but didn`t want to come home cause i knew i wouldn`t be smoking when i got in. i wonder how long it takes to over the void i feel in my life? i wish i could fast forward to say three months time when surely i won`t miss it and feel more happier.



Hi Map,

I feel the same way. Im still at the early stage (day 6) but my mind has not forgotten that I am a smoker. I miss smoking by association e.g went for a day trip and would usually have smoked like a chimney after I got out of the car. Even though I did not feel like a cig (using champix), felt I should have been smoking because I always did. Can any of the more senior no smokers let us know how long this takes to get over?


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