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Write a daily diary

I set up a spreadsheet to calculate my savings and cigs not smoked etc for each day (this was before I knew of 'quit counters') in the hope that it would inspire me and help me through the tough days.

I also wrote a brief note of how I felt on each day of my quit and this has help me more than I could have anticipated. For me, yesterday was the hardest by far (Day 10 btw). What helped me through it was looking at how I felt on other days. There were some when I felt bad, ok and great. What it made me realize is that some days are better than others and that even though I feel utterly sh*t just now, I could feel great tomorrow.

As it happens I would say i'm ok at the moment. But thats a millions times better than 'utterly sh*t'.

So glad I didn't cave last night.

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Good job bobby. Glad you didn't cave also! We just have to ride it out no matter how hard it gets. I don't feel I am going to make it...have felt like this through out most of my quit but I'm still here!!!

We can do it!!

I keep a blog. It really does help. I vent on there as a way of working through the hard times. It does help sometimes.


I keep a quit diary and agree it do help.

Maddy so pleased your still with us please dont give in you show that ex of yours you are bettering your self. You go girl. Linda xxx


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