No Smoking Day

YYAAAYYY Day 3 gone/going

folks, i been through hell, it's not over yet.

I got to say smokeworm website has helped loads!!

joels website has helped loads.

This site has helped loads.

I feel like i been a few rounds with stephen hawkings, arguing against string theory, this is mentally exhausting.

Anyway, cravings are less, i actually laugh at them now sometimes and say 'you will not defeat me!!'

Never the less, i still want to smoke and am having to stop mysself all the time.

all that are in day 3 WELL DONE!!!!!

All that have left Day 3 WELL DONE!!!

This site has been a godesend, even if it is just to type how you feell and put it down on a screen.

no smoking can happen, life as a non smoker can be, life as a non smoker will be/'IS!!' many times better than as a smoker... going out to all . .. let us be free, no retreat, no surrender, be strong, never take another puff again.

I don't smoke, we don't smoke!!!

stay strong, stay commited folks, the benefits are intangible, but unrecognisable to a smoker.


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:) LOL - Thanks for a smile before bedtime, Antifag

I am so pleased you are doing so well :)

You sound absolutely hyper btw ;):D


Thanks for the support and replies...

i am so glad this site is here for me and am glad there are people who have stayed on to support new nonsmokers.

i vow when i can confirm i am no longer a smoker i will always post and help where i can on this site. it is the least i can do..

Catwoman/OMT - You are brilliant, thanks for the support XXXX

I am still getting pangs, i can't wait for them to stop.

tomorrow is a new day (Day4) and a new report will be forthcoming.


Day 4 is like a walk in the park once you get past day 3, I felt like you did too lol



Keep going're doing brill!


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