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Stop the NRT?

Hi all y'all,

I've been puffing away for six weeks now and seems I have about as much pulls to smoke per day as I did two weeks ago. It seems to be more produced by an actual moment (seeing my son light up etc etc ) than a period of time going by. But i do spend a significant portion of my day with the puffer stuck in my gob, and a puffer that's gone too long without that peppery taste just doesn't taste right (too much air?). I use 1 to 2 actual cylinders a day.

Is it time to quit the NRT?

If so, what would be good preparation?

I've been here before with gum, and I stopped too soon...the craving bushwacked me and off I went down the rabbit hole.

Quit Nurse advice was to wait 10 to 12 weeks. Not aimed at me in particular, I think, just general advice.

But I feel ready to at least make a plan.

What does anyone think?


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Thanks Sue,

I'll think on and try to move on, I think, in a bit.

I hope you're doing well..

Bill X


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