No Smoking Day

Doing well on Day 11

Hey all,

Just a quick one for me tonight in here. Thought I'd say "well done" to all that are still going strong and few words of encouragement for those that are struggling.

I have to say I seem to have made it through the last 2 days with relative ease and am feeling so much better. It is in the back of my mind that this feeling may not last but for now I am positive. I am prepared for peaks and dips in the way I feel. My skin feels absolutely amazing and I have lost that grey tinge I had to my face! Got a nice pink healthy glow now!

My chest feels lighter - I know I have many weeks/months to go before my lungs clear but already I have noticed I am not coughing or clearing my throat nearly half as much as I was. (maybe psychological, maybe not - i dunno!) My house, my car and my clothes smell nice and I can smell my perfume all day long.

Cigarettes are still on my mind but at the same time any thoughts/cravings pass pretty quickly and I would say the last 2 days have passed amazingly quickly.

Am loving being a non smoker!

I am working all of Easter break (boo!) but probably a good thing to keep me busy. Hope everyone has a nice and smoke free Easter! :D


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glad to hear your doing well


Thats fanatastic Samo! *take a bow* :p

Its funny, I have noticed I am needing less bronzer and blusher these days, I just dont need it cos my skin is brighter and it feels great too! Deffo loving this non smoker business!

Keep it up and hope you have a great Easter x


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