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Went Shopping

Hello all,

Went clothes shopping with the money I've saved from not smoking. Went to Primark and actually couldn't spend it all as it's so cheap in there!! Then got bored looking round shops and came home. Still have £30 to spend.

Not thinking about smoking very much today but my cough has started up which is annoying. Was really difficult yesterday as kept getting cravings during the day. Went out in the evening and got royally drunk. Fortuanately was with non smoking friends. Nearly caved in at about 2:30 in the morning on the way home but fought it off - not that there was anywhere to buy fags from then anyway. Think I've been too hungover and tired today to think about fags.

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Im off to the shops tomorrow well to matalan... ive seen a gorgeous pair of shoes i want.

Im on the vino tonight, the only thing is im getting through the bottle pretty quickly so i could be piddled very soon lol :eek:

I've got the kids so there's no way I can get the shop which is a good thing. I need to get used to drinking and not smoking because there's no way im giving that up to.



More shopping!

Yeah, I've been shopping today too, felt a bit shaky this morning and thought I might do something terrible(like smoke!)as the house was empty and there were no witnesses! Noticed I stayed in town longer than normal because I did'nt have to rush around and then stop for a fag!

This afternoon has been cool, not many cravings, so am going to risk a glass of vino with smoking hubby in a little while!


I've spent all my cigarette money in advance......

......must stay stopped at least until Christmas to break even :o:D


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