No Smoking Day

Just another moan

I don't expect people to read more than the first line of this, or to answer its, I just think to post it would make me feel a bit better!

Our closest friends are lovely, most of the time, but i can't help thinking I have made them feel a whole lot better about themselves over the years.

As long as i was smoking and drinking more than them, it was fine.

I know i shouldnt worry about it now, but how many times do i have to correct them when they say I used to (used to - nice phrase) smoke miles more than them, it was actually only four or five more a day.

The difference between our habit was that I smoked a total of fifteen all daylong , they smoke ten each for 2 hours in the evening.

Yes, I must admit, this attitude has helped with my quit, because i have enjoyed every minute of telling them I was giving up, but why does it still bug me, nearly a month into my quit, that they still refer to my past as if I was a chain smoking chimney. Especially when I am watching them chain smoke ten benson and hedges one after the other in their kitchen a past saturday night, and i was two weeks into my quit.

They are giving up soon, because obviously if a chain smoking being like myself can, anyone can. And i agree i think they might find it easier because I have all day to contend with not smoking, they have only 7.30 till 9.30 in the evening to face, but the withdrawal shouldnt be that much easier.

I do wish them well, it might not sound like it, but i do ...I know i shouldnt get annoyed .. I know i should take advantage of the situation and just agree that I was actually on forty a day, so that i can say I have done particulary well giving up ..compared to anyone else, because i used to smoke so much.... but I can't.

Lets see what happens when they quit, shall we.

moan over - happy face back on :p

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Do you see fear in their eyes Annette? have they gone a bit green? maybe with envy.


They are obviously jealous of your quit, Annette, and justify their own smoking by saying they are not smoking NEARLY as much as you USED TO.......

But the contraction comes when they say they are going to quit too ;)

Don't let it bother you, they are struggling with their own demons right now.

Keep that happy face on, and continue to be be proud in your quit :)


Annette, from what you have said, it is blindingly obvious that they are very jealous of you. They have to keep reminding themselves (and you!) that they (in their eyes) weren't as bad as you when you 'used' to smoke so that they can feel a bit better for carrying on the smelly habit.

Tbh, I can't believe friends would even be like that with another friend who is trying hard to stay quit. Friends eh?!


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