No Smoking Day
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im still here with you all,


it feel good being in week two. even better seeing you all here, well done.

finding it a lot easyer now, still geting a few craving but nothing like when i

first gave-up, feeling a lot better in myself now. all of us here can be really

proud of what we done, geting to week 2. i know it been really hard for some

of us. but you are still here with me, that make me happy...:)

keep working hard in staying SMOKE-FREE, All the best team.......


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Well done Alan! I must admit I am feeling quite a bit better today and I am on day 11. My patch actually fell off this morning and I didn't bother replacing it. Haven't really felt the need for smoking all day


well done

HI SamO.

keep the good work up mate. i only had 2 craving all day. feeling good also.

see you tomorrow.



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