Week 2

Hello everyone in Week 2.

:eek:Can't believe I'm here.

Had my first dream about smoking last night which was odd as I thought it would have happened sooner to be honest. All I can say was it involved running for a bus with no driver whilst having a ciggie!! Weird. I'm sure it has some deep meaning and I'd be happy to hear them. The bus also had no driver to make it freakier. But it did have passengers. Really wanted a fag this morning as a result. I'm off work for a few days too which I'm looking forward to but worried I'll cave in. Must. Be. Strong. Do the cravings get worse or better in Week 2?

Have also noticed how strong some deodorants and body sprays are now that I've quit. Must be my improving smell or the fact that all I could smell before was smoke!

Have checked my Quit calculator and I have £41.19 to go shopping with. That quite a lot isn't it. More than I thought. Will let you know what I bought later.

P.S.I don't like the curtains in this new room much.

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  • No idea what the dream means I'm afraid but I too have had bad cravings this morning! I think last week was a bit of a novelty(ie. the whole not smoking thing)and that has worn a bit thin. But am just doing the 'I'm not smoking today' thing and rubbing the patch when cravings strike.

    Have got a smoking friend coming for coffee this morning as well.....aaaah!

  • I think you've nailed it on the head. The first week seems a bit of a novelty. Must try and see it now as getting throught the first month - mainly because then I'll have even more cash to go shopping with!

    Years ago I gave up for six months with hypnotherapy. During that time there were two times that really stuck in my mind. One was at friends wedding reception in Germany that was a challenge as I spoke no German. Even though it was a challenge I ended up having a really good time into the small hours of the morning, drank plenty and didn't even think about a ciggie. And let me tell you the Germans love a smoke. The other time was a leaving party at work where I was "the most drunk" my work colleagues had seen me. It was a great night and still I didn't smoke. Smoking wouldn't have improved the situation - they were great as they were. It really is all in your mind now. There was a time when you didn't smoke so just try and remember the times then and tell yourself you don't need a ciggie to be the person you are. You weren't born with a fag in your mouth!

    Good luck with the friend! Why not ask them to not smoke - its your house after all. Can't they go outside if they really want one? Or you could try bribery - tell them you'll give them a fiver if they don't smoke at all when they are with you today. After all you've saved far more than that already.

    Be strong - the real novelty will be in a months time when you say "I stopped smoking a month ago".

  • Smoking

    To dream that you are smoking, indicates that you are trying to shield yourself and others against your emotions. You have trouble letting others in.


    To dream that you are smoking or offering a cigarette, signifies your need for a break. It may also points to issues of dependency. However if you are against smoking and have this dream, you must ****yze aspects of your waking life and what you are dong that may adversely affect your health.

    Just call me mystic pam lol

  • Still havent had my smoking dream, yet. I remember the first one I had the last time I quit though, I woke up feeling really ashamed cos I thought I had actually caved in! :)

    Today I went for some retail therapy and bought £33 worth of stuff [which is what I have saved] to treat myself!! Feels great and my new shoes [on sale- bargain!] are fab, much nicer than a few boxes of fags! Woo.

  • Exactly. Shoes are much better than fags.

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