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let down

:mad:Hey all of you, I broke last nite and feel really crap today. I was planning to get back on this morning and I have put a 21mg patch on, but I am still questioning it? I am not sure that my head is the right place and feel that I need to get really motivated again. Should I wait until I am or should I carry on and pretend that I am still on day 8 when really I am back to day 1?::(

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hey beau beau

:)don`t beat yourself too much. i have nearly given in infact after after taking my kids to school today i nearly went to shop to buy some i am day 8 and i still miss smoking so much!:mad

in the past when i have given in i just start smoking again you must be still keen and you have a;pproached the site for advice.:D




Thanx for the vote of confidence and I know I am not the only who has broken. My hubby rekons that when you break it can give you even more confidence to get through. This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do and I know that it is only nasty nic playing trix with me as I made him come to life again last nite, that's why I feel I would be kidding myself to say that I am still on day 8, although I have done day 1 so many times and I don't think that I could take it again:mad:


Ah Beau, im so sorry. How many ciggys did ya smoke??? Was it just the one??



I had 4 rollies

I had 4, and I didn't really enjoy them and this morning, well I just feel ill. It's funny how you feel on such an emotional roller coaster, after coming on here today and confessing, I am feeling positive again. That's what I should have done last nite. I havn't had one today and think I could still carry on, will you guys still support me if I say i'm on day 8?:confused:


you will get support whatever day your on, you know that! :D

in my past attempts, ive always had to go back to day 1, brings out the stubborn cow in me, meant i had to beat any past quit length of time.

people deal with their quits and blips so different , just do what will suit you.

good luck x


day 1

Yeh you are right. I would not be true to myself if I said I was on day 8. I can do this, I'm sorry to have let you all down but I will do it.So thanx to you all and I will be returning back to day the day 1 forum. Keep up all your hard work guys....:)


like i said its up to you, im not right hun, i just did what suited me!!

please dont go to room 1 coz of me!

you will get there, we have all had blips .


it's not coz of you

Its not coz of what you said, you just made me realize. Don't stress, i'm not. I will be fine, and as you said this time I will make myself get past day 7!!!


Don't stress, i'm not.

i dont !! ;)

good luck :)


We'll be with you whether you go back to day one or stay here, you don't get rid of us that easily:p

Just stay positive now, you've had your blip make that ya last one or you'll have the wrath of batwoman to deal with. ;)


Hi Beau Beau - sorry to hear you blipped but don't worry everyone on here has done that including me. It just makes you stronger to carry on quitting and kick old nic in the butt. Pardon the pun!:rolleyes:

Good luck and keep posting;)


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