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Week 1 - Never to be repeated


Now if that psychcological rollercoaster could be turned into a physical structure the bloody Blackpool 'Big One' wouldn't have a look in.

This is the first time I have had the desire to quit and I am immensely proud of myself to have made it this far. There was around 3 or 4 serious moments were I was on a tight rope but thankfully I managed to keep my balance and stay focused. Each day on its own seemed to take forever but the week as a whole has just flown by for me.

I feel a lot better for it, particularly in the morning. I was your typical snooze button hitter who finally got up when I could be bothered to find my lighter and fags. Now I simply get up and do what I have to do which now includes having breakfast before work.

I feel a lot more positive and the confidence that I have gained in *overcoming this addiction has seeped into other aspects of my life.

I am not as worried about the inevitable cravings as I once was as I feel stronger from my previous battles with nic the nasty one in recent days.

I am not naive enough to think that I am home and dry, maybe I'm just having a good day today.

Thanks to everyone one for your support this past week and that is extended to the authors of some very inspirational threads who don't seem to be on our little support strand on the web these days.

* controlling? not sure what you would call it at this stage :confused:

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GO Bobby GO

Hi Bobby,

well done with giving-up, its has not been easy for us all. but we are still

here and it day 7, we should all be really please with ourself.

well done everyone on our team D-Day..


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