No Smoking Day

been gone for a few months

but i'm back & still going strong.. 2 months, 2 days.. What i'm most proud of? well.. lol

Celebrated my birthday saturday night.. and got absolutely destroyed at the bar.. i'm talking, i haven't drank in a few months and i dont remember most of the night.. was told i didn't smoke once & turned down a cigerette saying "i dont smoke anymore"

What's impressive about this is the fact i dont remember any of this happening becuase i was so drunk!

Feeling alot more secure now with vacation coming up in a few months

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Well done Kris and many happy returns.

I was scared when I went on my vacation last week as I didn't think I would make it with there being so many smokers and also the drinking side of things but apart from a few cravings on the whole I got through it and enjoyed myself into the bargain:D:D

So well done again and have a great holiday;)


Well done you and Belated Happy Birthday! :)


That's truely impressive.

I wouldn't trust my subconscious as far as I could throw it at the moment.

hanging out with smokers, even mildly relaxed with a few drinks, i still feel the pull...



thanks for the well wishes!

Next up is my trip to mexico May 1st, which will be dangerou sbecuase it'll be booze filled, but i'm not bringing any smokes with me so i should have no problems.


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