No Smoking Day

experimenting with nht

im getting ready for my big quit sometime in the next few days i have no quit date as i will quit when i feel ok i am having some real bad issues at the moment with anxiety attacks and depression so packing up smoking is going to be hard for me but want to do it just tried the niccorette nasel spray my god that was awful but did take the crave away

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Welcome to the forum Del.

You need to set a quit date and stick to it. Thats the first step. Its not easy but we're all here to help you.

There are people on here who have used NRT, im using good old cold turkey. The forum is a great place with lots of help and support.

Good luck and keep in touch with that quit date.

I have been quit for 6 Days, 10 hours, 43 minutes and 38 seconds (6 days). I have saved £42.94 by not smoking 193 cigarettes. I have saved 16 hours and 5 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 11/03/2008 23:00


Hi Del and welcome.

I`m using the patches.

I find them itchy when first put on ,but only for 5 minutes.

I think they help.I have used the gum aswell but gives me indigestion.

Lots of people on here have used all types of nrt and i think you will get alot of info from it.

Barb x


Hi Del,

Im only on day 2 but im using the microtabs. They do burn at first but after a while it must do something cos I havent had a cig yet!

At my smoking group a lot of them are on the tablets, think they are called champix, and they all rave on about how great that is. But dont know myself.

Good Luck!


hi Del,

great to hear you're gonna quit the weed!! I too suffer from anxiety attacks & depression and succombed to temptation after 5 days due to latter..back on track today:)

be prepared, no doubt withdrawal made things worse for me..

but the guys on this forum are BRILL:) use them for support..

have you thought about herbal remedies - I use them and they certainly help..depends whether you are on any medication from doc?

you can do it, make yr date, keep i touch

good luck



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