No Smoking Day
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Eh? What time is it?


Woke up about half hour ago after having an early night (was in bed by 9pm and zzding by 9.30pm) and thought it was around 6am. Imagine my surprise when I noticed it was only midnight!! arrghhh Couldn't get back to sleep so here I am. No doubt I won't get anymore sleep tonight as my mind is kinda restless.

So instead, gonna do some housework to while away the time. Not really been hit by the sleep deprivation thing with this quit...have only had the odd night of it so my sympathies go to all you poor people who have to put up with this night after night! I hope the situation improves for you.

Oh man, how crap is this lol I WANT MY BED!! :rolleyes:

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yes I was the same, one oclock.......................... then again that used to happen to me before I cut down on my vino in the evening's. Notice I said cutting down my red wine - not quiting .......


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