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Hanging in there


Nearing the end of day 6 and it has been a better day than yesterday. The cravings can't get any worse than what they did last nite, that was so hard. I was physically crying and I could not see a way out until I came on and moaned to all of you. I couldn't let you all down and I could't let myself down, as if I did I would have become hugely depressed and hated myself, which after 6 days I am starting to learn how to like myself. I know that sounds crap but I feel I have so much more self confidence! My 3 boys have never seen me so happy, so for that it is so worth it. My eldest son of 9 is so proud as he knows that I have tried so many times before and he really believes that this time I will do it and so do I.:D:D

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Awww Glad you're feeling a bit better than yesterday. I know its still hard even when you have a 'so so' day so well done! Just had a mad hour myself but thankfully got thru it so I know where you're coming from!

Hopefully tomorrow will be an even better day for you and the day after that! :D

oh, and come whinge on here whenever you need to!

And I am actually capable of ending a sentence without using a ! lol

ggrr @ my over use of the exclamation mark! Bad habit of mine...mind, at least its an improvement upon the smoking one eh? *just had to delete yet another exclamation mark*

Lol maddy, you exclaim as much as ya want!!, We're all doing super dooper well. We've all had up and downs, tears an tantrums, and its all that horrible nics fault. BUT WE ARE NO LONGER SMOKERS and that deserves a big cheer, its so hard but we had it through 6 long days and nights. Thats nearly 1 week, soon we'll be in week 2 then week 3.

Lol im rambling.... time to put kids to bed and me to watch corrie.

Have a good evening all.... I've got an interview tomorrow and I can actually go to an interview as a non smoker instead of having a fag in the car then spraying myself with perfume. lols

The things we used to do.

Till tomorrow. KEEP IT UP... and don't forget to :D

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