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yipee 3weeks

3 weeks I can't believe it, so pleased to be here, it's been a roller coaster of tears and tantrums. I eased off the water last week and it made me twitchy so I'm back to the gallons LOL. I have put on 4lbs but I've ate less, can't understand that and I've been watching the cals keep them to 1000 a day, any ideas how that is folks? I am going through the menophause as well, I was putting it down to water retention.

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Hi cooper, well done!

As for the weight gain, I'm not sure, but maybe our metabolism just slows down generally and even if you consume the same amount as food as you would a smoker a bit of weight is going to go on because your system isn't as fast as it was at burning off the calories? :confused:

So maybe people who are quitting either need to eat a bit less or up the exercise they do.


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