No Smoking Day

had a bad. bad day


really feel low today. will-power is on the floor. had a really bad argument

with one of my daughter who i really love. just wanted to go and get some

smokes. but my loving other haif stop me. saying dont let yourself down or all

the others on the team. she was right. been 5 days now. not long before we

are into no.6. we work so hard to get here. and i wanted to thown it all away

over one argument. still feel a bit up-set. but not smoking,

hope tomorrow is a better day for me and everyone on the team.

going to bed now. good luck for day 6........

Alan :( :(

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Keep going Alan, another day done and dusted.



thanks lain.

your so right. gone this long without smoking. maybe this was my test to see

how i do, well still not smoking. thanks :) :D


its hard

its very hard I know but you are doing so well I had a pack off cigs and the wife through them in the fire well I nearly cryed hang in there Jimbo


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