No Smoking Day

Help, Help!!!!

Have done really well all day and as from 5 oclock tonight I have been having really bad thoughts. "Heads not in the right place, wait until your wicked mother in law who smokes goes, she'll be gone in 2 weeks and try again then......... I have been so positive and this craving just has not stopped, its lasted over 2 hours and I am fighting it so hard. Please tell me i'm not the only one???:confused::confused:

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its so hard.

Thanx rick, all your support is really helping. This is the hardest I have found it yet. I am not about to go and light up, I just feel like I am wishing my life away so that it gets easier. I know that it is my mind playing tricks on me, sorry, the weed playing tricks, and I really want to wake up in the morning and be on day 6. You all seem to be doing really well, keep up the hard work and I shall practice what I preach!!!:(


Beau, I had a real crap day yesterday. Was struggling ALL day to not light up. Today is a better day and I am glad I did not succumb. You too can fight it and hopefully tomorrow will be an easier day for you :)


Dont do it you have almost done the first week things are not so hard after that. We all wish the time away at the start things will improve im sure you will be so sorry if you give in to nasty nic now. Stay strong Linda xxxxxxx


On guard

Thats the key, to be on guard at all times. Thats why it has thrown me as I was doing well all day and it has been fairly easy and then all of a sudden it came out of nowhere, and I wasn't expecting it. However, without all of your support I think I would have failed. How could I myself and all of you down....:):):):)



Beau, I had a real crap day yesterday. Was struggling ALL day to not light up. Today is a better day and I am glad I did not succumb. You too can fight it and hopefully tomorrow will be an easier day for you :)

Thanx maddy, it helps to know I am not on my own. I found day 3 easier than today and at previous attempts day 3 has been the hardest. You are doing really well too. Lets hope we dont have more hard than good days.x


stick it out

i reckon we started our quit around the same time

day 6 is a nights sleep away so i really hope you see this through mate

i watched rangers through a penalty shootout and thankfully my craving was no where to be seen



smiling now!!!

:DThats the spirit, remember, you are not doing it for yourself, you are doing it for us :D lol joke. :)

Rick, you have supported me since day 1, and now you've made me laugh!!!I think the craving is passing.x:D:


12 march

That feels like an eternity ago.!!!! Yep, 1 night sleep away and we will be on day 6, we should be proud, eh!! 3 Peroni's later and I am feeling better. If i can do a week I think I will have cracked it, it's so close I can almost touch it.........:cool:


You are almost there more than half way to week 2 dont cave now your over the worse. Linda xxxxxxxxx ps you will feel so pleased with yourself tomorrow honest.Lol



Rick, you have supported me since day 1, and now you've made me laugh!!!I think the craving is passing.x:D:

Isnt that all he's here for??

Well done BB, it isnt easy had a moment myself last night, stood right next to someone and breathed in what they breathed out!!!! how gross is that, but back to normal today


I have been quit for 2 Months, 2 Weeks, 1 Day, 21 hours, 4 minutes and 25 seconds (75 days). I have saved £343.72 by not smoking 1,517 cigarettes. I have saved 5 Days, 6 hours and 25 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 01/01/2008 00:05


i know what you are going through,


i know what you are going throuth. my will-power was really badly low today.

because i had an Argument with my daughter who i really and truely love so

much. and the first thing i said was im going to get some smokes. but my

other haif talked me out of it. saying think of the team who are doing the

same.. i will not let the others down. we have got the team to help us.

how thank-ful i am that i never went and had a smoke.

you can do this beau. you got us to help you.

see you tomorrow for day 6.......

Alan :) :(


well done for staying in there alan

see you on day 6 my friend

goodnight all


I'm not on any particular team here but I like to think of all of us here as a single big team, and some of us have been stopped for a bit longer than others, but we're all in a similar boat.

So let's alll keep on in there and not let anyone fall by the wayside!

I'm about to have Night 5 (my nights come before my Days because of the time I had my last one). Last night I was REALLY low and was crawling up the walls trying to find a way out of the pit the cravings had left me in. I'm not sure how, but throughout today I've had only a few small craves which I managed to get rid of with a few breathing exercises.

My lowest point was a couple of hours ago: we had run out of milk and the only place I can get any at this time of night is the petrol station. And what do I normally use the petrol station shop for? Yup, fags, at ungodly times like 3am.

I bought my milk and it actually took a major injection of willpower (not to mention, their VASTLY inflated prices) to prevent me adding "oh, and just 10 of your best, please".


I've also discovered a new trigger I have: seeing lighters or matches lying around makes we want to smoke. I have hidden all my own lighters away but I keep finding more and they're generating craves!

Oh well, I hope that everyone else on day 4, 5 or 6 are getting aware that they're nearly at a week, which deserves a little shopping epxedition to spend all the money you've saved. ;)

I have been quit for 4 Days, 11 hours, 48 minutes and 6 seconds (4 days). I have saved £40.95 by not smoking 179 cigarettes. I have saved 14 hours and 55 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 12/03/2008 12:07


I completely agree about the lighters thing. However I am not missing ashtrays at all. I hated seeing them around the flat brimming with fag butts and ash. Everytime I moved one half of its contents eneded up on the floor! I went out last night and really noticed the smell on people when they came in from having a fag outside. I was quite shocked at how stinky it is. Got in the lift at work today and realised I didn't have to turn away from everyone like usual to avoid breathing on them - I usually have a fag on the way to work. And I work in a hospital which makes me all the more aware of my breath if I've been smoking.


Don't hide the lighters, chuck them away, your a non smoker now and you don't need them lying around the house.

get rid of em :D


please dont do it.

Hi Beau,

you dont really want to give-in, you done so well. just think. if you smoke

now. it will be much harder the next time to give up.

we are at day 6 which will be over soon, you should be really please with

yourself for making it this far, dont let yourself down,

we are with you all the way...

Alan:) :D


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