glad ur all still going strong

Hi Guys

OMG I actually got through a sunday without a cigarette, and to be honest with you I've only had a couple of cravings nothing that a drink of water didn't cure.

I even had a drink last night.... that helped the sleep situation... I even had a lie in till 8 lol.

So day 5 hasn't been that bad, im still a bit narky but im sure that will go in time.

Short week for the next couple of weeks YIPPEE.

Well done everyone. Keep up the good work.


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  • Well done Pam! Enjoyed a lay in myself this morning!

  • will-power was low today

    HI PAM.

    had bit of a bad day, had a bad argument with one of my daughter who i

    really love. wanted so bad to smoke. but my other haif said if you want to

    smoke just do it. but think first of everyone in the team who you are leting

    down. and it works. been a bad night so far. really up-set. but still not

    smoking. this team is helping me so much, thank-you all..

    going to bed now. see you for day 6

    Alan :(

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