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day 5. and doing not bad,

HI everyone.

well day 5 is here. we should all be really please with ourself for going this

long as a non smoker. not been easy for some of us. but we are still there

up-building each other. WELL DONE TEAM.

went to bed at 10.20pm and was back up at 12.30am. just could not get off

to sleep. been watching tv untill 4.20 this morning. got some sleep. not long

been up. has anyone els been like this. plase tell me.

got to go now. be back later... KEEP GOING TEAM

Alan :) :D

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Hi Alan!

Glad to hear you're still with us! Alot of us have trouble with our sleeping patterns when we first quit. I've just started my 3rd week and it is getting a bit better.

Go buy a boring book. Works for me! :p


i think i will


three week is really good well done. this is only the 5th day and so far today

im feeling really good, i got a book i can start reading, went to the shop for

buspass ready for monday,

the man said do you want your 20 today. i said NO DONT SMOKE ANY MORE.

it was so nice to say that im a non-smoker now... we are doing well. and i

will make it to day 6...... have a good afternoon. be back later.

Alan :) :D


Good job Alan! A non smoker indeed you are :D

As for the shop, I went into my local yesterday to buy some cigs. I really wanted to buy some but I had already told the people that work there that I had quit so I would have felt awkward asking for some. In the end I didn't. I thought of everyone else on here struggling and gave myself a kick up the backside!

Well done for reaching day five and keep it up! :p


Well done Alan, I know it hasn't been easy for you, you've done really well.

Well done Maddy, I know how hard it is to resist temptation. I haven;t even been to the shops for 5 days lol. The kids will be eating choc ice and chips soon.

Keep going!


Cheers batwoman, you too!

When I go in the shop, like just now, I eye up the cigarettes like they're god or something lol All those packets lined up neatly just BEGGING to be smoked! mmmmmmm

Sorry. Not helping am I? :eek:

Actually, they're not god. They are the devil!!!


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