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Eating a marmite sandwich!!!

Well day 4 is drawing to an end and I have to say it feels like it has been harder than yesterday?? My marmite sandwich is tasting damn fine, although I do have a really sore throat which surprises me as I thought it would have been the other way round? I must be careful not to substitute fags for food.

So some of you guys have had a blip, so what. As long as you are still in a positive frame of mind then thats all that matters. Hang on in there and it will get easier, so i'm told!!;)

My self esteem has risen dramatically in the last couple of days and I am not worrying about what people think of me or how I smell, which makes you feel completley crap and have no self worth. So if this is the road to high self esteem and feeling good about yourself then I am sticking with it, and so should all of you.

Sleep well guys and bring on day 5!!!!:o:o:o

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My marmite sandwich is tasting damn fine

You dirty bastard!!!!! ;):p


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