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NHS Cessation clinics

My experience of attending a weekly smoking cessation meeting at my local held clinic has been mixed:

Some advisors lacked obvious addiction experience, some were very patronising, other were brilliant.

I had to argue to attend meetings over the recommended 4/5 weeks they actually offered.

What have your experiences been like? For the record I am in London.


Note: This is not a thread to discuss the value in attending the meetings (they were unvaluable to me in the first weeks and I still like to go and chat to my favourite advisor).

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i saw 2 advisors at 2 different clinics, i did not like the first advisor so i went to another, she was nice as a person but lacked experience, thought patches were the answer to everything so i now only see my gp, who has been very supportive, but i do think im being used a bit, as im taking champix, she wants to know everything......and i mean everything!


I wish my GP was more supportive - He is just not interested!

I remember attending a group meeting with Zyban - the team of advisors were great and all ex smokers themselves.



i dont expect the advisors to be ex smokers, i doubt its in the job description!, would be good if it was, i could do that job, for a pay rise of course!

but i cant talk to someone if they arent interested in what they are supposed to be advising me on!! if that makes sense


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