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feeling good so far


HI all.

so far so good. feeling a bit better this afternoon. feel really good. dont know

what happen but went out with my partner. done some shoping. got back at

3.pm and not once wanted to smoke in all that time. its feels so nice being a

non smoker. still got some ways to go but with all your help we can all do

this. please let me know how you are geting on so far. be back on tonight..

good luck to everyone.....


Quit on 12th march 08........

use to smoke from 30 + a day.......: :) :D

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I know exactly what you mean Alan.

There have been the odd moments over the last 3 or 4 days when i automatically think " Right, time for a fag " but then i remember that i'm a non smoker, i suppose it's just habit.

The funny thing is when i was chatting to my other half on the phone yesterday she asked how the no smoking was going, force of habit i said yeah great and when i stopped for a fag.... She said " No you haven't have you ? " And no i hadn't, but i have got into the habit over the years of saying having a fag break rather than a coffee break !!

One thing i'd be intrested in finding out is, one of the reasons we liked smoking was because it produced Serotonin in the body, the natural feel good drug, so apart from chocolate, i'd be interested in knowing what other foods or vitamins help produce Serotonin ?

If anyone knows, then answers on a postcard :)

I have been reading that there is a natural vitamin called 5-HTP, which Holland & Barrett sell, which i think produced Serotonin, if anyone had taken this then i'd be interested to know about it.

I have been quit for 3 Days, 17 hours, 1 minute and 11 seconds (3 days). I have saved £15.29 by not smoking 111 cigarettes. I have saved 9 hours and 15 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 12/03/2008 00:00

its brill when we forget that we used to smoke innit?!

thats how non-never smokers feel, they dont give it one nanno second of a thought, i cant wait to be like that!

Well done Alan, sounds like you've had a great day.

I have too. It is wierd though - a few times today I've thought "ooh it must be time for a fag by now" and then I remembered it have stopped!! It wasn't even as though I was having huge evil cravings! Those have subsided more today but the thoughts of that it must be about time for a fag obviously haven't gone yet! Habits die hard obviously!

It's great to get those thoughts though and then think " I don't smoke"

YAY!! Keep up the good work everyone!:D

This is exactly the same for me. I obviously had a set routine of when to have a fag. It's the habit that seems harder to break. I have a patch on which helps with the addiction but the habit thing is a bummer. Plain chewing gum helps when i think I should have a fag.

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