If I can do it anyone can!

Right now, look here you lot.;)

Believe me I WAS a professional smoker, I smoked rollups for England. I would wake up at six every morning so I could lean outside the back door and smoke at least four or five fags before the kids got up.

50g pack of baccy would last three days!

Now into seven weeks without fags, IF I CAN DO IT SO CAN YOU.

Just stop putting the poxy things in yer gob and lighting 'em.

After just one day I felt FANTASTIC.

Just do it.


I am a quitter!

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  • oops, edited.


  • Inspirational! :)

  • Keep it up

    Well done :rolleyes:

  • well done you:)

    tho wish I could say I felt fantastic - don't feel any different end day 4:(


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