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A good night out

Hi everyone,

Day 3 yesterday and I went out for a friends birthday drinks and didn't have a smoke!! Very pleased to have to have overcome this small milestone. Really wanted one later in the evening but as none of my friends smoke feeling quickly vanished. Must confess I did think about leaving early and buying a packet on the way home so no one would see. Thank God I didn't. Not sure if the hangover is better because I didn't smoke! Definately felt more on the ball for not smoking. Mid you had to fight our way through smokers to get into the pub which was remarkably empty inside. Weird! New patch just on and planning on having a nice relaxed day.

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Way to go Tam..... Thats a giant hurdle to get over. I had a row with my b/f last night lol and the cheeky s**t told me to go buy some fags..... that made me even worse.... So I could be young, free, single and a non smoker if anyones looking lmao :eek:


Perhaps he needs to buy some manners!

Not what you need now. Thank God you didn't buy any. Don't let his behaviour make you smoke. Keep up the good work.


Well done Tam - drinks can be hard but you resisted and must be feeling so much better for that today.

Sorry to hear you had rows last night batwoman - tell your b/f to be more supportive - none of us need any kind of encouragement right now to go and smoke!


dont be put off giving-up

hi batwoman,

dont worry about what your B/F said. you still got us here to help you

all the way in stoping. you gave me some up-building word that help me.

not just saying that. we are all way here for you as you must know by now.

keep the good work going. soon be day 5. we should all be please with

ourself. WELL DONE :) :) :) :)


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