No Smoking Day

My Life has ended

Well that's what it feels like. I have tried so many times and really believe that this time I will do it. I have a four month ould son and two other children. I want to be able to give them a cuddle without stinking of fags. Afterall, everything we do is for our kids,right? I also want to do it for me. Someone please tell me that its gets easier ater a week? However tomorrow is day 4 and i'm still going strong. I don't want this horrible drug to beat me!!!!:(

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Thanx Guys

It is comforting to know that I am not going through sheer hell alone. I am using patches, however decided to start on 14mg as opposed to 21mg and all going well, in a few weeks will plan to drop to 7mg. I have tried so many different ways to stop from Allen carrs "Easyway" < "Only Way" to Zyban which made me have insomnia, so that was a definate No NO!!! Allen Carr has helped thousands of people see the light and bless him for that, but not me. I still feel deprived and at this moment in time feel like I always will. Ater smoking for 15 years, it takes a life changing habit, and it's not going to happen overnite.Apperently the more times you attempt to quit the more likely you are to succeed. Who agrees with this statement? What about 50 times??? I have probably spent more time trying to give up in the last year than smoking. But then I have been pregnant. I look at my little boy now and its so lovely to be able to kiss and cuddle him, and smell completley clean. WANTING A FAG..................SMELL YOUR HANDS....MMMMMM:)


A lot of people find Day 3 the hardest, chin up, it is almost over. :)

You have the greatest reason in the world to give up, 3 beautiful children who deserve only the best :)

You CAN do this - not only for them, but for YOU! This is the greatest gift you can ever give yourself, ( and not only is it free, but it actually saves you money :D)

Keep in there, we're all in the same boat :)


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