No Smoking Day

Coming to the end of day 4

I am on my fourth day, and feeling quite proud of myself. My husband is a smoker and is still smoking and the smell is quite tempting on times. I think that these four days have been easiest as I have been in work and it is really busy at the moment. Not really looking forward to the weekend, as I think that if I sit still or am not as busy as I have been during the week I might lapse. My dog and kids will probably be amongst the fitest in the area before long as lots of walks and swimming are going to be on the agenda for the forthcoming weekends.

A huge well done to everyone who is succeeding - keep going

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Does his best to smoke outside, but does tend to light up in the house and then go out - funny enough he has just come up stairs with a cuppa for me and a fag in his hand - how cruel!


Catwoman - I see you joined in January, is this when you quit? If so what has been the hardest times for you and how did you over come them?


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