No Smoking Day

18 days

Hi everyone, day 18 now.

This week has been horrendous.

I feel so ill, its unreal. I cant even put my patches onevery time i do i keep wondering if they are making me feel worse.

It's so depressing.

I have severe heachache, my chest hurts (on Monday I thought I was going to have a heat attack!) I feel shivery, and ache, it's awfull.

I am so embarrised aswell, because I feel quite dirty, like I am someone going through rehab!!!!. its hard to admit, but I cant hide it because I look horrific.

Since I've been off patches I have been so irritable, that I am putting the kids through hell.

I did go to my doc and she just said see it through, and that I may of been very unfortunate and picked up a bug along then way. (as my kids have been poorly)

If I've put on a stone at the end of month I think I will crack.

Sorry to sound so depressive.:mad:

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I hope things get better for you, congratulations on not smoking thus far! If you need anything at all, just holler. Behind you 100%... hope you feel better!


Hi Annette, Im so sorry your feeling the way you do and i can relate to it believe me. Im also on day 18 and to say its been easy would be a total lie.

I mentioned before on a thread i dont like giving advice as each individual is different but what i can do and this site can do is give support.

Your coming up to three weeks thats a huge landmark, an achievment and one to be very proud of.

Annette join a team on this site, infact join the team im in, they are all good people and i would love to have someone on the team who is on the same quit date as me!!

We can do this Annette!!!!!!!



Ok I will thank you. How do I join?


I second the vote for annette... would be great to have you on :P Consider yourself part of team FM.


Ok I will thank you. How do I join?

Easy we just add your name in the sig and you add all ours "done" I will let the others know, im sure they wont mind afterall we are all in the same boat here.



lol i may have jumped the gun, but it would be great for you to have someone that quit on the same day in the team Meeru :P


annette... meeru has left us to explain your first task as a member of team FM... it is quite simple, you need to sketch a portrait of yourself in paint on the comp or what not as per maddy:P Here is the thread, the original due date was Friday this week, but take your time... because you have come in late. The second task will be coming out this weekend from me lol... here is the sketch thread:

vike.. ( have fun doing it)


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