No Smoking Day


Hey everyone, i've been lurking around here since Saturday so thought i'd join in now. I was a bit ill last week and had been planning on stopping smoking for a while so I decided to do it whilst I was poorly. My last cigarette was about midnight last Wednesday so i'm on day 6 now, starting my second week at midnight :D.

My biggest fear is alcohol, i'm at university at the moment and going out drinking is 95% of my social life. Every time I have quit in the past I have done fine until i've had a few drinks and then somehow I convince myself that its okay to smoke again. This time i'm using the Easter break and lack of going out to hopefully get over the worst of the giving up. Had a pint with lunch today and didn't give in, which is a start :). Anyway just saying hello and introducing myself, I think the forum banter is good for keeping my non smoking mood up. Anyone else quit last Wednesday and want to make one of these cute little teams?

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Hi LittleM.

Don't suppose missing out all the drinking sessions is an option is it?! Can you at least cut down on them?

Anyway, there are 9 people in the team I am in and if you want to be the tenth then as long as the others don't mind you can be our final member :D Let me know.


Im not going to be doing any until at least the week of 31st March, so that gives me a good amount of time to start getting away from the Nicotine. I am planning on not having any more than 2 or 3 drinks in a night out until I feel completely sure I wont give in when drunk. Saves money anyway!

Did your team quit last wednesday then?


Me too Smirn. drink is not a trigger with me. Only used to reach for them when stressed. Im always happy and relaxed when im in the pub. so they dont cross my mind. Think the ban helped there though, sorta got used to not smoking in the pub. But that said no two quiters are the same.Sound terrible but when my friends smoked i did. Now they are all but 2 Quit, I want to be free too. Ha! I know im a sheep....LOL . xxx :)


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