Day 2 Still Here!

Hi Everyone,

Well I made it to day 2 yay!!! Feel strong still but also a bit snappy at my kids this morning so I had to apologise to them before they went to school. I had a terrible nights sleep last night, I was awake every hour must be a nicoteen shock to the system or something. Today I'm a bit ggrrr, it's amazing how all I seem to do is think about cigarettes, then I keep reminding myself I am a non smoker and I don't want one, or I'll read a few pages of my alan carr book which has helped I find. Good luck to all those who are still smokefree!!!

lozzie ;)

3 Replies

  • Well done, Lossie! :D

    "One day at a time" is how I got to Day 23 :D

    You'll be moving up the boards in no time at all!!:D

  • :D Well done Lozzie! I have also made it to day 2 today. Woo-woo!!

  • Lozzie well Done. Your doing just great xx

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