No Smoking Day

Last day!

This is the first time I have been on this forum. I have tried numerous times to give up smoking and I am usually successful for the first week, have even gone a couple of months before. I then start forgetting why I gave in and start to miss cigarettes massively and before I know it I am smoking full time again. This forum has given me inspiration to try again, I am really ashamed of being a smoker and my nine year old daughter cries everytime she catches me having a crafty fag! Today is my last day of smoking and I know I will smell better tomorrow!!

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good luck for tomorrow, you have the best reason in the world, keep looking at your girls face :)


Thank you, I feel really motivated already. My husband is also a smoker and desperate to quit, we are a nightmare quitting together as I have really bad mood swings when I quit! I have pre-warned him! The good thing is I always give the house a really good clean to take my mind off things and keep me busy!


My quit date is tomorrow and I am going cold turkey! Feel really positive at the moment and this site is brilliant for support and encouragement. Wish I knew about it the other million times I have quit! This time for good though :)



Hi Doddles

It's a great site here, I'm on week two today and couldn't have done it with out these nice people. I'ts nice to know you're not alone.


Congratulations on getting to week two. I know how hard it is but your right the support is brilliant. No doubt i will be here lots asking for support, especially after day three!


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