No Smoking Day
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Hi Everyone, Day 1 Today!

Hi, this is my 3rd time giving up the cigs, in the past I have tried patches, hypnosis but I never lasted more than a couple of weeks. This time I read alan carr's book and I must admit I feel so much stronger this time, I had my last ciggy last night and I woke up this morning fine, yes I'm thinking about smoking but I'm not craving one at all, and If I can get through everyday feeling like this then I know I can do it!!! So Cold Turkey for me!! wish me luck lol


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hiya and welcome :)

you sound really positive , keep it up!!!


Hi Loz ,

Wishing you well and Congrats on becoming a non smoker..........i too am reading allen carr and will be taking the final cig chapter on tuesday night for quit day on wednesday....i hope all goes well for you.....keeps us all updated with your progress



hiya and welcome Mel :D

good luck


Hiya and thanks for the warm welcome,

I have to say that since I posted a few hours ago, I've had my first big craving as I was doing the ironing, I guess it's just a habit that I used to break, ironing & smoking always went together. Now I need to find something else to do to keep me busy hehe. Good luck Mel by the way

Lozzie xxx


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