No Smoking Day

My First Step

Hi All

Just thought i'd let you all know that i've set my give up date for 12th March (national no smoking day). I've seen that many shows of smoke house (recorded for me by my children), read EasyWay.......... so now its time to take the plunge.

So no doubt you'll be reading alot of I NEED HELP!!! :D

But determined to do it this time.


Speak to you all soon .... no doubt on Wednesday..... Well done to you all.

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hiya, and welcome, people will be here on wed so dont worry, you will be fine :)

see you on wed !! :)


Hey, well done, your doing the right thing but you know that !!!

You have come to the right place, this is a good site with good people.

Just remember to enjoy your quit

See you tomorrow:)


There you go im having one of my moments!!

I meant see you Wednesday :)


Thanks all...... im determind this time and with all you lovely people out there to help...... speak to you all on Wednesday. :D


Hi Batwoman ,

Good luck ! I too will be a non smoker as of wednesday..........

I have also read easyway , am saving the Final Chapter(the final Cig) until tuesday night .................



As others on here have told me, try to see stopping smoking as a positive experience. And indeed it is. The benefits of stopping smoking are all good and realistically once we cut thru all the crap, there are no positives for continuing to smoke. Only negatives.

This is what I find the hardest part about quitting. Realising that I am not giving up something that is good in my life. The addiction made me believe I was giving up something I needed just to keep me hooked but of course, we do not need it. That is the nicotine talking.

I can't help but to feel as if I am 'missing out' on something for I have smoked for so long that it became my crutch in life. It was the one 'constant' in my life and I no longer have that and I am left feeing kinda 'open' and 'vulnerable' but, with determination, I am going to beat this addiction and I know that you lot can too!

So, go for it and give that nasty 'ole addiction the boot :D



Go girl Go!! we'll be here for you on Wednesday:D


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