No Smoking Day

Week 3, Bring it on!!!!!!

Cant believe it, into week 3.

Last two weeks are a blur but blimey they went fast.

So excuse me if i seem smug its just that im well chuffed.

Hope everyone is okay today, have a good one :)

Take care


aka-Meeru as in Meerufenfushi an island in the Maldives i worked there for a couple of years and when i registered for this site i was looking at some photos, so meeru it was.....

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Ooops, I thought you were a gal meeru lol Sowwie!

Congrats on completing a whole two weeks meeru Woo hoo! :D


aww well done :D your doing great

you deserve to feel a bit smug! :D

keep it up !


Ha Ha thought so hence i thought i better drop in the name this time!!!


well done on reaching week 3 meeru (excellent name btw - I wish I was there walking in the sea with tiny colourful fish nibbling my feet rather than at my desk...)



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