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I am new

Hi everyone.

A bit of concern.

Good news first, I have quit with help of patches, for two weeks, two days.

I am pleased but concerned about my chest pains.

My kids are off sick, with coughs, but my chest and back are hurting so much I am guessing it's not a bug. I know probably my lungs are cleaning themselves up, but its frightening. I don't feel like smoking to make myself feel better I am just depressed with myself for putting all the gunk in there, in the first place, and am wondering how long this will last because its agony.

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Hi annette.

I'm not in the medical profession so can't really advise you. However, if you're concerned, then maybe go see your dr? If not thing else, it will help put your mind at ease.

Well done on going two weeks though! You must be really determined :)

Oh, I know your post was regarding the symptoms coming off the cigs and you don't need to be a Dr' to advise someone on how long the coughing up gunk stage is, but I just initally thought for you to experience pretty bad pains that maybe a Dr's reassurance is needed?

Man, when will I ever make sense? LOL I blame the fags...lack of, rather!


hi annette and welcome, well done on quitting :D

please dont assume that everything your feeling is down to the cigs or lack of them, non smokers get ill too!! :) go to your doc to get checked out, just to put your own mind at rest.


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