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No Smoking Day
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Day 4....t

Hey all.

Must be 100th or more time I quit. Been smoking 10-20 a day for 18 years, which I'm ashamed to admit! I'm a secretive smoker and many of my friends and family don't know I smoke. Health, money, child, ex smoker for a husband, freezing my **** off outside, pending op on Wednesday (I ain't gonna be one of those smokers who have to drag a drip n' drain to the hospital door to have a puff!) amongst the many reasons to do it - so here I am! Done nearly 5 days and feel ok. Work tomorrow and need to avoid the faggers at certain times. I find work so tough! I may be hanging out at the water cooler most of the day...

Good luck to all of you quitters and keep on truckin

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Oh the amount of times I have set my quit meter - hopefully this will be the last, in fact I'm sure it is!

Yeah got to be done. I used to make the excuse that smoking was just for kids, but nowadays even the kids don't smoke!

It's a horrible addiction. If I could change just one thing in history it would be that I said NO to the first ciggy I smoked. Well, found this forum now and everyone seems really supportive so that's got to help.

Thanks for your reply and 35 days is great! I'll check to see how you are getting on. Thought about going out to buy a pack of 10 today, but glad I didn't. Would have been feeling awful by now if I had. No pain no gain eh? It's got to get worse before it gets better. Yep I am full of cheesy morale boosting quotes! Catchya soon x


Hi Tasha

Well done on getting to day 4. Ya know what the first week is an absolute bugger - but on the up side once you get that first week anniversary under your belt it will give you a real sense of achievment.

Just take it a day at a time - don't even look any further than that - just tell yourself I'm not gonna smoke today. The cravings will get easier, with time.

What helped for me in the first couple of weeks was keeping really busy.

I used to close my self in the broom cupboard and shout and screm - my hubby called it my, f**k you cupboard, cos of the language:o

And brushing my teeth when I had a craving, you never feel like a fag when your teeth are freshly brushed.

Day at a time you can do it:)


How funny! I must get myself one of those cupboards! Thanks all for your response and will chack back to see how you are getting on! x


Hi Natasha, Good luck with your quit. You can do it. xx


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