Beginning Day 3

Had an uncomfortable and restless night. Today I visit the Hypnotherapist who tells me that all my cravings and desires to smoke will disappear. Sounds worth a go at least. Never been hypnotised before, but it worked for my step son, and I have high hopes! As I've said, I'll try anything and everything.

So, by 3.30 this afternoon I'll be a new man! I wonder if he can cure all my other little vices?

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  • Good luck Kenny! I'm kinda dubious myself regarding hypnotherapy but I hear it has been helpful to others and I hope you too will find it a positive experience.

    Well done on going another day without a smoke Kenny. Each day counts and they soon add up and before you know it, you won't even be thinking about having a ciggie ;)

  • Kenny dont forget to come back later and let us know how it went. Linda xxx

  • After Hypnotism!

    Yeah! It was a nice relaxing two hours though it seemed like 30 minutes at most! Whether I'm cured of fags or not, who knows? I've certainly not wanted a ciggy or craved nicotine since the session today, so I'll stay positive. He even gave me a mechanism, free of charge, where I can squeeze two fingers and return to the relaxed state! It works!

  • Hey Kenny,

    Just about to go to my pit but before I do that I just wanted to ask on here how you are going with your quit? Are you still going strong? Just that we haven't heard from you today. Hope all is well :)

  • Morning Kenny

    Full day for you today im sure it being sunday Lol.

    How you feeling today good i hope let us know Linda xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Feeling Great!

    Hi Guys! Feeling great, relaxed, no cravings, everyone said today how well I was looking, and how relaxed I seemed to be! Correct! I am! Sleeping lots too, nothing bothering me. This Hypnotherapy seems to have worked wonders. Woo! Woo! Thanks Team for all your support!

  • Great to hear things are going well for you Kenny! Keep posting and letting us know how wonderful and calm you are feeling... this is me a wee bit jealous now lol... calm? whats that? haha... on a serious note... proud of you for jumping right back on the right track and still going with your quit after the first few days! Woot! You can do it!

  • Well done - we're here for you



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