No Smoking Day

All three of us are stopping

Well, I've made the decision once again! To give up smoking, never before have I wanted to do it so badly.

So much so, my husband and son are going to stop with me. It will be fun in this household come Wednesday!!

I have had 9 attempts in total, ranging from gum, patches, false cigaretttes and ceasation clinics. This is my first attempt at doing the national none smoking day and letting everyone know about it.

For all of you also given up, I wish you lots of luck and hope we can exchange stories along the way.

I'm off now to make a coffee and yes, have a cig!! Sorry!

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Wow, good job Louise! I'm sure you can do it! Most of us take more than one or two goes to finally have a successful quit.

Will be a somewhat easier ride having your family quit with you. At least you will all have each other to fall back onto and to be there for each other. Of course, there are us lot on this site willing to help too!

I don't think I would have gone as long as I have without the encouragement from the great people on this site, they really have helped me in my darkest hours! :D

Good luck! (not that you need it :p )


Thank you

Wow, what a speady response. Thank you for your words of encouragement, I will be calling on these soon, giggle.

I work as a home carer so I dont always have the time to write. I will apologise now if you do not hear from me so quickly.

I could do with some advice on how to use the site. So if someone out there has and idiots guide, I would love a copy. I am having problems with returning to the forum page and not sure if I need to reply to each individual person at a time?

Thanks again


:D good luck louise !!!!

you have passed the 1st hurdle already, by making the decision alone !!

i,m 41, nearly 42, smoked 40 a day for years, and i,m using champix , fantastic stuff


Good luck! I am sure you can do this, I am on Chamix also, and it has really helped me! :)


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