Return to 'go'

Hi everyone

Here I am again, this quit lark has been like playing Snakes & Ladders, one day I'm high up the board, the next I return to 'go' again.

Well I 'think' I'm of a better frame of mind to do it this time. I've drenched my last ciggies under the tap, thrown out all lighters, hidden the big ashtray in the shed. I think I'll fill it with pretty flowering plants and use it as a garden ornament and remember how ugly it once looked with butts overflowing from the top.

I'm off long haul to NZ in a couple of weeks so that's an incentive, among other things.

Good luck to other new quitters and well done to those who've cracked it.

Cess xxx :)

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  • Well done with your decision to quit cess :) NZ eh? Lots of trekking about 'n stuff? I should imagine by time you go you will be feeling the benefits from not smoking and you'll have loads more stamina for your trip! :D

  • Hi Maddy

    Yeh more stamina will be welcomed. Got to get there first, that flight is Looooong.

  • Welcome back Cass

    You will do it this time im sure why do we keep putting ourselfs thought the first week. I for one hope I never have to do it again. Make this our last Cass and lucky you on your lovely trip. Linda xxxxxxx

  • Thanks Mojo & Linda

    I'm feeling a bit edgy but staying positive. Hey I did what I said I'd do, I've filled may outdoor ashtrays with flowers and they look great. Much better than stinky old ciggie buts eh?

    I took mum out shopping today and we usually stop for a coffee afterwards. It was lovely and sunny so we sat outside and mum had a ciggie so I stuffed a sausage roll in my mouth instead.

    Cess xxx:)

  • Please tell us you didn't light it....?

    and if you did....

    you didn't inhale.....?


  • LOL

    No messing around, strait down and didn't touch the sides, I was ravenous !!

  • :eek: Lovely!

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