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No Smoking Day
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day 7

:):):) cant believe i have got to day 7.

i have tried to stop smoking a nunber of times before, but this is the easiest yet.

went back to freshstart last night and the nurse commented on how well i looked and siad my skin looked lovely ( i could have kissed her).still struggling with my sleep pattern and eating more, but hey summer is around the corner so i can have plenty of salads.

how is everyone else doing?

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Well done lynttrl. A whole week nearly woo hoo! Try not to worry about the extra calories you're consuming right now, the main thing is you are off the cigs still! :D No easy feat!

Its amazing how much better we feel after only a week isn't it? Well, I'm on Day Six but already I feel better with my breathing.

Keep it up! :)


Congrats, congrats, congrats, you are doing great, keep it up! Great job!

Vike (pumped for all his teammates!)


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