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No Smoking Day
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Quit date National no smoking day 12/03/08 - anyone else ?

I keep putting off giving up smoking, so National no smoking day is as good a day as any.

I was 40 at Christmas, smoked for about 25years and just want to quite for good.

Tried loads of times before, without much luck. Problem is, i actually enjoy smoking and certain cigarettes throughout the day, but i've got to do it.

I've read the tip about joining a team, and what a great idea, so if anyone else is planning to give up on 12th would be good to start up a team for moral support.

Cheers for now

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Good luck on the 12th and congratulations on your wise decision! I'm sure there'll be a BIG "12th March" team very shortly :)

I am only in my 3rd week, and I realise now that I really didn't enjoy those cigarettes that I thought I did at the time (If that makes sense, sorry, getting tired here :))

I have been quit for 2 Weeks, 1 Day, 23 hours, 2 minutes and 2 seconds (15 days). I have saved £79.79 by not smoking 319 cigarettes. I have saved 1 Day, 2 hours and 35 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 18/02/2008 22:00


Hi KD.

I was the same as you (still am!) in enjoying some of the cigarettes. Corr I'd kill for one right now lol Arhhh *deep breaths* However! Even though I may have enjoyed smoking, I realised it was not exactly a good thing to be enjoying. How can it be? Smoking can kill so theres no debating that.

I just want to say, no matter how divine those cigarettes felt when you smoked them, don't let the craves trick you into having any when you quit.

Remember also that you will not be alone in your quit...there will be many others and good luck with getting a team...I'm sure it'll help. I've only just joined one and methinks I'm gonna set some lil tasks for the others to keep 'em on their toes lol

Good luck KD! You can do this! I've had several quit attempts too but I feel THIS is the one that counts.


If things get a little sticky have a read of smokeworm.com

very allen carr but less patronizing.



get yourself ready for the 12th, im sure there will be a team for you :D

good luck


Many thanks for the words of support from everyone.

Just trying to decide which method i should use, patches? gum? microtabs? maybe i might have to use the lot in one go :eek:

I'm determined to do it, so hopefully this time next week i will be a non smoker :)


Hi there,I also have taken up the challenge to stop for good on ,national no smoking day,i have tried before with no luck:o but this time i am going to give it all i got and achieve the goal of giving it up:D.




I've decided to quit on Weds too - tried many many times before but determined to do it this time - but will need loads support - don't know anyone else who smokes and sure it helps to be able to talk to someone else going thru it..hence joined forum..going cold turkey cos tried all other methods and failed:(

good luck to everyone for Weds, lets do it together!!


Good luck to each and every one of you for wednesday. there should be no prob getting a team together. they are helpping a lot of pees on here. linda xxxxxxxxx


good luck to you all on wed , and i think you have the start of a team !!


Honestly - welcome!!

I smoked 20 -40 a day for 40 years!! I never believed I could stop. But I did. I can't say it was easy - it certainly was not! Use whatever you need to stop - it doesn't matter how other people stop - it's what right for you!!

I stopped on 18th November 2007 and I really like being a non-smoker!!

you will too! DON'T BE HARSH ON YOUSELF IF YOU FALL AT THE FIRST HURDLE - THERE IS ALWAYS A SECOND ONE!! Remember it's nothing to do with anyone else - just you!!



i will try,

i have pick wednesday 12th march 08 to give-up.

but i will need lots of help to do this as will-power is low,

but i can only try my best.

i really want to give-up badly.



Hey Alan and welcome

We all have been there - making the decision and taking the leap - it is a little scary but as a lot of posters show, it is possible. You will get a lot of

understanding and information here. Well done on joining!



Well, looks like there's loads of us planning to stop smoking on Wednesday.

Here's an interesting thought, i was talking to a friend at the weekend ( who stopped smoking 2 years ago ) and told him that i was giving up smoking on Wednesday. He said " NO YOU'RE NOT GIVING UP SMOKING, YOU'RE STOPPING SMOKING" he said there is a big difference because saying you've giving up makes it sound like sacrificing something nice and pleasant and you're going to be worse off, where as stopping smoking is the complete opposite.

Anyway, looks like we've got the makings of a team here, so we need a team name. Only a thought, but seeing a National No Smoking day is the big one and in a way D-Day for us all, how about Team D-Day, like i said only a thought, but feel free to come up with names.

Not quite sure how the running of a team goes. We're all here to support each other and bounce ideas off each other, so how about the 1st person in the team to log on each day ( and i know there are many of us who can't logon everyday because of commitments ) starts a new topic in the relevant day with Team D-Day update, so we will all know where to read and post messages relating to the team.

So, so far Team D-Day ( of course name can be changed ) has the following team members :-

alan ransome

nicky walton



And if anyone else want to stick their name down, then more the merrier :)


Team D Day

took a while but found it in the end!?!

you're friend is right, important to remember we're NOT giving anything up, we're gaining freedom from addiction, getting our lives back..

think team D Day is good name and agree with your idea of having daily update..

have u decided what method(s) you're gonna use? have you read smokeworm.com? think it helps..

so glad to have found some others going through or about to go through same thing - has to be easier when you're in a team; it's easy to let yourself down, much more difficult to let a team down..

one more day til freedom..:eek:



welcome to you all :D D-Day team, sounds good !

teams are a really good incentive!


team D-Day

think just need to "edit signature" in our profiles to set up "team" to show our team name and team members - anyone know if that is right?:confused:



Yeah! Hear hear!! You're all gonna ROCK!! I can't wait to follow your progress!

Stick together. post lots and build up a strong team network and it will help you immensly!



You can add my name to it aswell.

Getting ready now for 2morrow.;)

Barb x


Good luck to anyone planning to quit tomorrow.


Quit for: Three weeks, five days, 12 hours, 38 minutes and 42 seconds. 530 cigarettes not smoked, saving £145.90. Life saved: 1 day, 20 hours, 10 minutes.


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