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No Smoking Day
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Stopped Again!

Yesterday was probably one of the worst days of my life. I look after my dad who is 82, with the Rectory Wife in a major supporting role! He is living in a Sheltered Housing complex across from my church building. Lately things have been getting worse, and as his drinking levels rise, (this is no secret), so has his anger, behaviour and unacceptable actions.

Staff members are being abused verbally, and one young lass had to stave off lewd suggestions, poor girl. He won't get dressed or do anything, until he needs another bottle, then he'll make the effort to go up to the High Street. He's not eating and says he can't afford the food. He also hates, loathes and detests Dumbarton.

Yesterday I was very firm with him and told him that he had to eat and if he didn't drink so much he could afford the best of food. He also had to change his behaviour, and I questioned him about £100 which had gone missing. He punched me several times in the face as a result. My face is still swollen and bruised.

Two confessions, my readers. This priest reacted by throwing his glass of whisky over him and stalking out.

The second is no better. I just needed a cigarette to calm me down a bit. So, I smoked a whole pack yesterday. Can I be forgiven for both, and start again today? I'll reset my counter!

Prayers and support, please!

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Kenny, you have everyones support on here. Don't feel bad for having that cigarette yesterday...I too would have succumbed. It is really hard to quit when you have alot going on in your life and I'm sorry to hear of your dad. I sure hope he gets the help he needs and improves for you.

Today's another day and you can do it. You've done one day and you can do one more :)


Oh, and you might want to update your sig...we have two more on our team :D



So very sorry about your dad Im sure its ok to lose our cool some times I think they like to push our buttons. But has you know he has an illness so you must also try and forgive him. Anyway today is a fresh start very good luck My prayers are with you. Linda. xxxx


Sorry to hear about all that kenny, today's a fresh start tho. Anyone would have resumed the fags again after that, your only human.


welcome back Kenny :)

a new start awaits you , well done :)


Hello again Kenny - good luck on your new start. We are all here for you:) x


Hi Kenny,

Just go on!

Day one is a whole lot better than sticking any more of those noxious things in your mouth and a WHOLE LOT better than taking that horrible mixture of toxins into your LUNGS!


Keep on...we're with you.



Kenny - What a waste of whisky - and you a Scotsman!!!

Don't dwell on the fact that you smoked. Just pick up and start again! Remember "If only this or that had varied by an hour or an inch, then perhaps the other might have"

Be strong!!!:)


Kenny -where are you?

Might not check in again until tomorrow!

My oldest (!) friend (a smoker) is a pastor at Kirkintilloch (excuse spelling if wrong - we summerzet people aint normal!!!! (Tiz the cider)


Hey Kenny

Glad your back - stay strong




Booked in with a reputable guy for tomorrow at 2pm. I'll try anything to be rid of these cravings! Wish me luck!


Booked in with a reputable guy for tomorrow at 2pm. I'll try anything to be rid of these cravings! Wish me luck!

Good luck with this Kenny - let us know how it goes.


Hi Kenny

I'm so sorry to read about the problems with your dad but it seems we have something in common. One of my brothers is alcoholic and was in intensive care recently with liver and kidney failure. When we arrived the prison pastor was reading him his last rites. Very upsetting and difficult to cope with and I was visiting with family members who are smokers, so caved in.

I'm pleased to say that he pulled through yet again. It's not the first time we've all been called in to say our goodbyes.

However........... things have settled down again and I'm back on the wagon on Friday.

I'll try and try again and one day will succeed.

God Bless and may he help us all to achieve our goal.

Cess xxx:):)



So sorry to hear about your brother hope he ok now. My son is also alcoholic Was also very ill in jan but thank god been sober for 44 day this time and do sound a lot more positive. But has we know with the fags its very hard. God love them. linda xxxxxxx


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