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Day 11 (ish)


Got Gastric Flu 2 weeks today and it was awful, dehydrated, vomiting etc etc. The one good thing was that my cigs were awful and the smell even worse and obviously I was so ill I didn't smoke anyway. Had my last cigarette on Friday 22 Feb (yuk).

As I got better, first day out last Saturday I got the urge to smoke again even though the smell still knocked me sick. I didn't though and gave what I had away. But, I hate dimps (as we call them) and had a few, I've left these in my boiler cupboard and when I get the urge I smell them and it puts me off again.

I am still wanting a smoke and I'm on day 11, I've been to Boots today and signed up for their smoking cessation programme just to give me some support. I'm going to try patches but, I'm hoping to do it cold turkey as soon as. I am so determined this time and have printed stuff out from here, seems a great site and hopefully with your support and stories I can do it. I know there are hard times ahead but I have to keep strong.

Thanks for listening to my rambles.:)

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Good luck with your quit Marion, you sound determined :) With you all the way!


No smoking! Its not allowed here on the 'No smoking Day' site :D Not too sure I could trust myself to sniff a cig packet without smoking one lol Good on you if its working for you though.

Day 11... thats good. Now you know you don't wanna waste all those days of pain and throwin it all away by smoking on a fag! Keep up the good work :p

Went out for a few drinks last night for the 1st time. Usually outside puffing away and I was dreading not having a cig. I couldn't believe that it hardly bothered me and I was sat near the window watching everyone outside in the cold. Usually after a few pints I smoke loads, they even put it up on the screen in the pub (my friend's idea) so now everyone knows so no sly puffs outside.

I have been quit for 2 Weeks, 2 Days, 5 hours, 20 minutes and 53 seconds (16 days). I have saved £89.93 by not smoking 405 cigarettes. I have saved 1 Day, 9 hours and 45 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 22/02/2008 16:49

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