No Smoking Day
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I so love getting to the next section of the forum!

Today, I have to say is much better than yesterday... a few strange things have happened. 1. Anger has left, and not i live in an apathetic cloud, not giving two craps about anyone... lol... 2. My smoke radar is insanely good... I was up on a building, and there was a truck 60 m away, the wind was towards me, and i smelt cig smoke... turned head and zoomed in on the smoker beside the truck... and the need hit to join him... pffft I said... and continued working on the motor bolts... knowing that using two hands is much quicker then the one I used to have to use cause of the dart in my free hand :P I am starting to smell smokers ... and some bad breaths too now... eeps... i'm quite sure my breath was never too terrible... but I musta stunk to high heaven of smoke all the time. My best wishes go out to you all... i'll be back later to post some more... Typing is just as satisfying as any poison i've smoked in the past... just gotta keep telling myself that.

Viking , the wonderful smelling glorious norseman that can work with two hands.

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Well done viking. Glad you're doing good, albeit being up against your addiction. You're on Day Four now aren't you? I start Day Four tomorrow. Sure hope its easier than Day Three.

Kinda funny some of the posts I have read on here regarding one's sense of smell. Someone on here said something along the lines of 'its not so great having a better sense of smell, you get to smell all the nasty niffs alot more' lol It did make me giggle. Hell, thinking about it now it has put a smile on my face and I do so need to smile :D

Hope you continue to do well on your quit viking. Did you report in to Kim? She did a roll call ;)



I know what you mean by the radar, I could smell cig smoke as a car passed, but I tell you what I could smell and it was awfull, a nipped ciggy, yuk!! it made me feel sick and to think I liked to smoke the odd nipper.


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