Is it just me???

Firstly congratulations to everyone for getting this far.:D

I hate to post like this but am i the only one struggling here?:confused:

I dont actually want a fag but i think about it waaaaaay too much and have even toyed with being a "social smoker", whatever I believe that is!! Being reasonably intelligent I do understand what's going on in my head but wonder if the thoughts decrease the longer we stop for?????????

Also being a voyeur, I have read many posts which still worry me and give me no confidence this feelings going anywhere in a hurry. :eek:

I am also a miserable bastard most of the time which i assume must get better or i'll be divorced fairly soon.................oh and a small matter of a stone in weight. The weight is minor but i can see me spending the money i have saved on new suits and shirts for work!!!!

By the way i was generally a happy person so this is a drastic change for the people that live with and around me. :rolleyes:

Any thoughts and ideas welcomed.........................


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  • Hi Gary

    No its not only you I think about it way to much also HEHE. Some times even thinking was it that bad (stupid i know) Dont think I am so missrable but my partner been in a right one since last friday (hes quiting also) Hopefully things will improve I do hope so. Well done anyway mate its early days yet maybe. Linda xxxxx

  • No Gary I think about it too but i then tell my self that I am saving loads of money and I am so much healthier and I dont really want to smoke. Then the thought has passed.

  • Hi gary

    long time! nice to see u back - all i can say is same all the way much less able to let things slide so lots of arguments, still want one, and about stone gone on.

    BUT i am very pleased with me, and proud, and i just need someone whos just had a puff to come near me to know i dont want to smell like that again, i think it is that above all else that stops me going back, i am actually embarrassed by the fact that i walked around smelling like that.

    So dont give in to it and pop back here more often :D


  • gary

    I guess most of us think about it most of the time, after all, it used to be a huge part of our lives.

    Indeed, thinking about it maybe part of the healing process and certainly shouldn't be frowned upon which is why discussion / support forums like this are so useful.

    If you haven't already been, pop your head into

    there's always someone who's just asked the question you're about to ask and it's relatively easy to navigate to useful articles and posts.

    I don't think there's any such thing as a social smoker.

    Unfortunately, despite some brilliant information available on here it tends to get lost in old posts.

  • im feeling poo today but ive also read posts where it seems there are people quit for much longer than me still craving , :(

    when does it get easier , 6 month ? 1 year ?

  • Hey there

    I am struggling at time but keep reminding myself it is just normal and part of the process or I find myself getting even more worked up about it (employing the "so what attitude" I mentionned in an earlier post does help me). My moods are volatile to say the least but I think this is more to do with learning to deal with situations heads on rather than walking away from them as I used to by having a cigarette as a buffer so to speak.

    Yes - the junkie in us will always whisper that it is just not worth the pain or irritation, but really we all know he/she is lying. Since when when were we ever forced into something we did not want to do?

    Keep going X

  • Jude - remember - one day at a time. Don't look too far ahead. (reason: You may win the lottery next month and may feel completely differently about life :)

    No one can predict how you will feel in 3 or 6 months time.

    Today will do.



  • thanks hun xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Thanks for the words of wisdom everyone!! :D

    I guess i do know the answers but it's good to sound off now and again :rolleyes:

    Glad to see you are still on board joanne! :D

  • Joanne?????? have i done something wrong??? only ever called that when in trouble lol :D

  • It DOES get easier, just hang on in there!! :)

    Yes, cigs have been a part of us for a long time so we will think about them quite often, but it does get less and less.

    My quit journey (first ever-had just cut down b4)began end of June 2007 with the champix and by mid-July had stopped the cigs. However I make no bones about the fact that I've had the odd puff since probably averaging out at 1 every 3/4 weeks, depending on if I'm in contact with sum1 who smokes and who I know won't judge me if I have 1 of their cigs.:confused:

    I no longer get major craves, more a slight fancy for a cig which is easily overriden.

    I think old nic is still there making my brain schizophrenic- you do/no you dont!! I also know that I'll never be totally free if I keep having odd puff, but I also know I dont want to go back to full time cigs- I dont want to smell of them again, be wheezing, coughing and out of breath and out of £s!!:)

    So, sorry for the rambling, but, it DOES GET EASIER, for me probably took 4 months to feel fairly happy about it with no major craves(last one of those was back in october- and yes, I smoked a cig cos was fed up with the torment that day, but didn't have another for probably 6 weeks)


  • Sorry JoJo :cool:

  • s'ok ....... no need to shout tho :rolleyes:

  • By the way i was generally a happy person so this is a drastic change for the people that live with and around me. :rolleyes:

    Any thoughts and ideas welcomed.........................


    Hi Gary,

    I'm not being funny, and obviously I'm not a doctor or anything, but could it be that you are actually suffering from clinical depression?

    This is from Wikipedia:

    "Clinical depression can present with a variety of symptoms, however almost all patients display a marked change in mood, a deep feeling of sadness, and a noticeable loss of interest or pleasure in favorite activities."

    I wonder whether it would be worth making an appointment with your GP, if only for the sake of your marriage :)

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