No Smoking Day

Day 16 and feeling good today

Hi Guys and Gals,

I'll still going strong after my horrible weekend, and having a good day today :)

It really helps, when I get "the urge", to take a step back and think the situation through. Those few deep breaths (I can breathe! I can breathe! :D) really do help get things into perspective.

Nic is ALWAYS around the corner with a new trick up his sleeve though, isn't he? Hubby is getting too good at leaving his cigarette packet "unattended", and Nic has been whispering "Just take one, so you have it for later, if you want to try it and see if it really does taste will know!)

"Ahhhhh, but I would know!" I tell the little demon, and in the end, if I did succomb, the person I would be hurting the most is ME!

Have a good day y'all :D

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Barbara I can't believe you're on day 16 already!! That's amazing!! :D

I vote you a real top quitter! You have been so positive from day 1 and have had such a sensible attitude to your quit.. ! A job brilliantly done - you should be super proud! :D

**whole forum gives you a round of applause!*


Well done Barbs

All I can say is your doing really fab Congrats for coming thought the weekend. Linda xxxxx


Hi Barbara. I'm just a few days ahead of you but am finally feeling much better about it too! Maybe we've cracked it!

Two things stop me from having just that one little cigarette - one is to look at my Quit meter and I realise that if I had just one cigarette it would soon turn into having 542 cigarettes and I don't want them.

The other thing is, now we have been on Champix for this length of time, the cigarette would probably taste really disgusting :eek: so it is not worth the risk!

Keep going - we're all in this together.:)



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